Paying Off Your Mortgage vs Investing

Properties are investments, but they come with a long-term cost. While mortgages have set terms, you could opt to pay them off faster. If you have a typical fixed-rate mortgage, you have... Read more »
Real Estate Rehab

Real Estate Investing Rehabs

Did you know that rent growth on residential real estate investing rehabs has increased by 8%, according to Fortune magazine? A recent study on rehabilitation demonstrates that rehabbing existing units, renovating, and transferring them... Read more »

5 Things You Should Know About Homeowners Insurance

You should start looking at insurance as a loss of worry and not money. Whether you buy a policy or not, you and everything you own will always be at risk. So,... Read more »
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Why There is No “Perfect” Time to Invest in Real Estate

  There are literally thousands of people sitting around at home, or at work, dreaming about investing in real estate. Each of these people has a good reason not to get into... Read more »

4 Practical Approaches to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property

The exterior of your house speaks volumes about the living conditions of your property. You owe it to yourself to make living in your home even more enjoyable. Awestruck your guests, boosting... Read more »

5 Convincing Reasons Why Millennials Should Rent Long-Term

More than 25% of the US population comprises of millennials, and their numbers have swelled over to 76 million. Not only this, but they are also the largest and the most influential... Read more »

How to deal with tenants that don’t like you

Having tenants that like you must be nice, however, nice is sometimes hard to come by. As the title states, tenants that don’t like their landlord(s) are not all that uncommon. By... Read more »
Save Money With Rental Units

5 Little Things To Consider Doing To Save Money with Rental Units & Make Them Near-Indestructible

With the continued and steady demand in the rental market, being an investor continues to be an enjoyable and profitable choice for many investors. Of course, it’s only enjoyable when it’s profitable... Read more »

3 Reasons “House Hacking” is an Ideal Way to Begin Investing

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The 5 things you MUST know about leveraging debt for real estate investing

The 5 things you MUST know about leveraging debt for real estate investing

Leverage is by far one of the most important concepts you want to understand for real estate investing. Even if you plan on paying all cash for your investments (congratulations), you should... Read more »