A Beginner Landlord’s Guide To Rental Price Changes

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Consider These External Factors Before You Invest In A Property

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4 Ways You Should Be Protecting Your Real Estate Investments From Litigation

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What Realtors Must Understand About Millennials

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Real Estate Professional Status: Is It For Me?

What is REPS? Real Estate Professional Status (REPS) is a tax-advantaged designation. It can provide you with important tax benefits if you rely on real estate income. For the most part, it’s... Read more »
Real Estate Rehab

Real Estate Investing Rehabs

Did you know that rent growth on residential real estate investing rehabs has increased by 8%, according to Fortune magazine? A recent study on rehabilitation demonstrates that rehabbing existing units, renovating, and transferring them... Read more »

5 Things You Should Know About Homeowners Insurance

You should start looking at insurance as a loss of worry and not money. Whether you buy a policy or not, you and everything you own will always be at risk. So,... Read more »
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Why There is No “Perfect” Time to Invest in Real Estate

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5 Convincing Reasons Why Millennials Should Rent Long-Term

More than 25% of the US population comprises of millennials, and their numbers have swelled over to 76 million. Not only this, but they are also the largest and the most influential... Read more »
4 Key Points When Searching For Real Estate Investment Deals

4 Key Points When Searching For Real Estate Investment Deals

There is this shrewd thought line from the great scientist Albert Einstein – in the midst of difficulty, there is an opportunity. Real estate investment deals are often greatly profitable when made... Read more »