4 Practical Approaches to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property

The exterior of your house speaks volumes about the living conditions of your property. You owe it to yourself to make living in your home even more enjoyable. Awestruck your guests, boosting the curb appeal can pay off dividends for a more pleasant living or even before selling.

Top 4 Effective Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal

Renovations can typically cost an arm and a leg; fortunately, we share a few quick, affordable, and practical approaches to improve the curb appeal of your property.

Work On The Greenery

The best way to enhance your property’s outlook is by adding some greenery. You can even install artificial grassing on the concrete walkway to cover up the cracks and holes. Try out different styles to find the one that best compliments your home style.
Container gardens are a quick and modern way to add color appeal to your home exterior. Get some uniquely designed flower pots and grow your favorite plants to create a staggered asymmetrical setting.

You can even put up a flower pot by the window to bring charm and color. Set it up according to the lighting conditions and color scheme of your home. But it is highly essential to trim the shrubs and plants otherwise your home will look more like a barren wasteland than a green hotspot.

To reduce the maintenance work, you can use big evergreen bushes like boxwood, juniper, or Hicks Yew. Various cacti plants give a color punch to the whole setup. You can even hire a professional gardener to recommend the best plant types and arrangements that work well for your curb appeal.

The entire goal is to add or enhance outside landscaping to make it more appealing. This will make the home more inviting.

Aim for Symmetry

There are hundreds of ideas and tricks to enhance your curb appeal. Aim for a symmetrical design when refurbishing different elements of your home exterior.

The best way to do so is to buy exterior fixtures and accents in pairs. For instance, walkway lights and seating arrangements on the porch must be in pairs to accentuate the overall look. You can even get the planters and outdoor arts in pairs and place each on both sides of the front path.

The doorknobs, number plate, wreath, window boxes, and other design elements should be coherent for a symmetrical composition. Use a seasonal wreath for a homey feeling. Grapevine wreaths are hit during winters while eucalyptus, olive branches, and lavender are popular in summer and spring.

But make sure the exteriors don’t become boring and bland when creating harmony. You can use bold color to break the boredom while maintaining the symmetrical design.

Spruce Up The Walkway And Door

Don’t overlook cleanliness, make sure the entryway is clean, fresh, and welcoming. Fill up the broken, cracked concrete blocks with cool flagstones to create a brand new walkway. It’s readily available and light on the pocket.

Borrow a pressure washer to clean mold and algae grown over your walkway. These powerful buddies will quickly remove the dirt stuck in between the concrete blocks for a fresh look.

The entrance to your home should also be as appealing and welcoming as the rest of the exteriors. You can add a fresh coat of paint for ultra-colorful and flamboyant appeal. But if your design elements are flashy, opt for muted tones to avoid creating an eyesore.

If you are on a bigger budget, install a new door. But you can keep yourself limited to new hardware for replenishing the curb appeal. New handles, deadbolts, knockers, doorbells, and number plates will make your guest feel more welcomed. At Least remove the cobwebs.

You should also dress up your porch for a more pleasant appeal. Comfortable porch furniture, such as cushioned or rocking chairs, will attract visitors and let you spend your evenings outdoors.

Lastly, don’t forget to spruce up your overlooked mailbox. One quick way is to repaint it or add a finished layer that compliments your curb. You can even surround it with flowery plants for an approachable vista. But keep them trimmed, so the mailbox doesn’t hide behind it.

Fix the Lighting

Fixing the outside light has become quite easy with the new LED lights. They come in different warmth and size to match the exteriors of your home. You can also opt for solar-powered LED lights to keep your utility bill under control. The best part is they are easy to install and don’t require any wiring.

A well-lit pathway will increase the visibility of your home and make it stand out in the neighborhood. Outdoor lights come in various designs, including wall lights, post lights, and the hanging ones.

Low-voltage landscape lighting will drastically improve curb appeal and enhance the safety and security of the home. They can even augment lighting for the trees and outdoor art for a more inviting appeal even at nighttime.

To make the best out of the deal, try incorporating different fixtures and lighting types for balanced outdoor lighting.

Sprucing up your curb appeal is an easy and quick way to attract potential buyers. The cost is even low. All you need is a few tools, design aesthetics, and time to implement these strategies.


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