Approaching Real Estate “Guru” Seminars as a Beginner

There are many individuals all around the world that are continually learning about real estate investment opportunities and the incredible ways that entrepreneurs have been able to secure their financial future through real estate. Of course, some might have done more research than others, and still others might be much more passionate about real estate investing from the outset. Others might simply be interested in learning more but remain skeptical about real estate “gurus”, their motives, and their credibility. These “gurus” are normally the first individuals that one seeking information runs across and they’re quite hard to ignore.

Of course, there have been real estate “gurus” that have been more interested in a quick profit than making sure that their seminars provide any real value. It can be extremely difficult to discern which real estate gurus to take seriously, especially if you are new to the space and are not as informed about real estate investing as those who have been actively investing in the space for years. Here are some things to remember when approaching these real estate “guru” seminars as a beginner.

Take Advantage

A seminar isn’t supposed to waste your time, it’s supposed to give you insight into real estate investing strategies and help you understand how this works. There is absolutely no shame in taking notes at these seminars and making sure that you walk away with some information. It doesn’t matter if the seminar was free, or you paid a minimal fee, make sure, or at least try your best to get something out of it. If you absolutely can’t then don’t feel shame to simply walk away if its a complete waste of time.

Even if you are completely skeptical, you might want to open your mind to the fact that there could be a strategy or two that you could benefit from. Otherwise, why even attend? You should pay attention to as much as you can, and gain as much information from the seminar as possible. Look out for the “nuggets” of information.

Hold On To Your Wallet

You might be motivated by a real estate seminar or two, and are confident that you can change your entire life if you make the right real estate investing moves. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired – but it should be noted that many real estate gurus are hoping to take this excitement and leverage it to upsell you on a new product or seminar that might cost thousands of dollars. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t feel pressured to purchase a high-ticket item immediately. You might find that it was a horrible decision that you will regret down the line.

Give yourself some time to rethink what you are buying before you end up spending money at these seminars. Many real estate gurus are incredible salespeople that understand the importance of motivating individuals and building up the emotional energy to increase the chances of making a sale. They then take advantage of this energy by trying to sell a product that they claim will “change your life.” You should examine the pros and cons of a purchase from a neutral state of mind later on, rather than an emotional one.

Network, If Possible

One of the best things about workshops and seminars is that you can end up meeting some incredible people, even if the seminar doesn’t live up to its name. If you feel like there isn’t enough insight being given, you can always start up conversations with other attendees. 

You never know what kind of real estate investing opportunities can come up down the line just by exchanging contact information or your business card. If everyone there is interested in real estate investing, there is surely some kind of opportunity in networking with others and a very easy way to get along with others. At the end of the day, part of being a good real estate investor will more than always require you to have a good team to help you do your business.

Swimming With Sharks

There is a reason why advertising and marketing is so effective, and it’s important to remember that you are “swimming with sharks” when it comes to real estate guru seminars. What do I mean by this? Well, seminars can offer some great advice when it comes to real estate investing – but you are often dealing with people who understand how to target and sell products to a specific niche of individuals. Their tactics are often ruthless, and they heavily rely on your vulnerability and excitement to “get started” because…after all, the seminar is there to more than likely sell products or services.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things in perspective when it comes to these workshops or seminars. Understand that these individuals might not be looking out for your best interests. 

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

If you are attending a real estate investing seminar, there’s a good chance that you have a lot of questions about how to begin. However, those aren’t the only questions that you should be asking! You should be taking the time to evaluate the products and services that the seminar has to offer…does it seem worth it? Does it seem like it might be overhyped a bit, and that he/she is only interested in personal profit? 

It might be obvious to you that the situation is a win-win. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that a purchase will benefit an expert, as long as YOU get what you need out of the product or service. You should try to be honest and neutral about the situation, and also make sure to not just buy the first discounted offer available. 

Think Critically


One of the truths about real estate investing seminars is that you should remain skeptical about “gurus” and their motives. Does this mean that you shouldn’t listen to anything they have to say. Of course not – there’s a good chance that they have some interesting information to offer you with respect to real estate investing strategies. However, you might want to do some research on the “guru” first, because there’s nothing wrong with doing some due diligence!

Some real estate “gurus” aren’t really gurus at all – they are just very convincing salespeople. There’s nothing wrong with being a marketing genius, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking for yourself and take everything they say at face value. You should go out of your way to think critically about the seminar you are attending, and figure out whether these products are worth the price. Either way, as mentioned before, hold on to your wallet until you attend several seminars and also ask yourself who is really benefiting. 






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